How to avoid a blocked toilet

As much as we all like to avoid mess and inconvenience, sometimes we find ourselves in situations we would really rather not be in.

Dealing with a blocked toilet is one such situation! Not only is it an unpleasant, there are potential heath hazards associated with these types of problems if not handled properly.  A ‘not flushing away’ toilet most likely indicates a blockage somewhere in the system.  Whether simple or complicated, it needs to be dealt with expertly.

When the unthinkable happens and you have no idea on how to fix a backing up or blocked toilet, you’ll need to pass the job onto a reliable plumber. Lucky them! Fortunately there are certain steps you can take that will make sure blockages happen infrequently.

Take care what gets flushed

One of the main culprits that cause blockages are items we use on a daily bais.  Heavy duty makeup wipes or baby wipes were not meant to be flushed.  Toys, paper towel or simply trying to flush too much toilet paper will also cause a problem. You might think this is common sense – “Toilet Usage 101”, in fact.  Despite the apparently obvious, you would be surprised the types of things we find when we unblock plumbing. By being aware of common items that can cause a blockage, you can take the initial steps to prevent further blockages.  Make sure these items stay far away from your toilet.

Even if you ban these items entirely from the bathroom, sometimes you can still be faced with your worst nightmare. Blocked drains might be caused by tree roots in the sewer line or rusted pipes inside or outside of your building. Often older properties suffer from these maintenance issues.  You can’t be blamed, and nor can anyone else, be blamed for that! I’m Your Plumber can come and safely repair the damage.

What should you do if you discover you have a blocked toilet?

Your toilet begins to overflow, you can’t see anything causing the blockage, and water is threatening to leak throughout the house. What should you do?

Firstly, if you can see the blockage is caused by toilet paper or another object in the toilet, you might be tempted to unblock it by using the toilet plunger. That’s what they were created for, right? Sure, this may be the quickest way to fix your problem – if you’re not too squeamish.  Keep in mind, though, this may only be a temporary fix. The problem is likely to resurface at a later date, potentially at an even more inconvenient time.  Like at Christmas, when the interstate family is staying with you!

If your toilet is blocked and you are unsure of what to do, you should call I’m Your Plumber. At I’m Your Plumber, we will provide you with prompt and reliable service to get your toilet flushing once again.

Could it be tree roots or rusted pipes?

Has a bush or tree near the house “taken off” and started looking particularly happy, recently?  If you suspect tree roots growing into the pipes or rust in the pipes, don’t delay contacting us.  There’s nothing you’re likely to be able to do about these types of issues.  Unless you’re particularly ‘handy’ and aren’t adverse to digging up long lengths of terracotta pipework and relaying new, PVC pipe, you’ll need the experts.  Tree roots and rusting can cause a great deal of damage to your pipes very quickly.  A quick fix when you first discover the problem could save you money.  The problem could otherwise end up more costly if it’s left to grow additional roots or a more extensive root system.  Call to book us in as soon as possible and to expertly deal with this scenario.

Reduce your stress – let us handle the mess

When your toilet starts to flush slowly, or threatens to overflow, it can be stressful to know what the right action is to take. Should you just try and unblock the toilet with a plunger, or on the other hand just wait it out and see if it drains away?  Either way, you’ll be hoping to avoid the plumber’s call out cost. We understand and appreciate this conundrum.  By calling us to take care of the damage and the mess, you are taking the stress away from yourself and putting it into the hands of an expert. We’ll take care of the cleanup, address all aspects of the problem to avoid it happening again.  Ultimately, make sure the blockage is a thing of the past.

Remember that even taking steps to avoid blockages will, unfortunately, never guarantee that you won’t be faced with one. At I’m Your Plumber, we are ready to face what you would rather not. Give us a call if you experience a blocked toilet and we’ll organise a time to attend to the problem.