Commercial Plumbing Brisbane, Ipswich and South East Qld


Commercial Plumbing BrisbaneCommercial plumbing Brisbane, Ipswich and South East Qld from Cameron Horchner and his Team at I’m Your Plumber meets the needs of small and medium businesses in the commercial sector.

I’m Your Plumber provides services in commercial plumbing in Brisbane and Ipswich.  Our business is based in the Western suburbs of Brisbane and is close to Ipswich, Queensland.  From our central vantage point we easily cover the whole of the greater Brisbane area.  We work closely with various types of businesses to provide high quality customer care and plumbing services.

Qualifications, Experience and Problem-Solving Skills

Plumbing professionals need to be highly qualified to work on complex projects.  With years of study, know-how and experience behind us, we can provide the highest quality plumbing service.  We’re also problem solvers!  We have success in solving tricky plumbing issues where those before us have failed.  We’re ready to help take the mess out of messy situations when it comes to commercial plumbing in Brisbane.

If the world of plumbing seems confusing, as it is for some homeowners or business operators, we demystify the complexities for you. You’re sure to already have the idea that commercial plumbing is more than just the piping in a suburban family house.  Here, we clarify the services we offer, below.

The Commercial Plumbing Services we Offer

I’m Your Plumber  was started to supply smaller-scale commercial plumbing to Brisbane companies who needed a plumber they could trust.

We install:

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Water fountains
  • Indoor and outdoor water sprinkler systems, and
  • Water and sewer lines for your small project, whether that be a single retail store fit-out, or a shopping centre plumbing solution.

We also repair problems such as stoppages in drains and pipes, and quickly fix broken or burst water or sewer lines. I’m Your Plumber also provides ongoing maintenance for clients, minimizing the likelihood of major repair jobs due to lack of maintenance.

Commercial Plumbing vs. Domestic Plumbing

What is the difference between commercial plumbing and domestic plumbing?

Domestic plumbers are those you call when you have an overflowing kitchen sink or a blocked toilet at home. Domestic plumbers specialize in installing, repairing or maintaining small-scale domestic fixtures in your home. Commercial plumbers provide similar services as domestic plumbers, but are trained to consider the requirements of complex plumbing systems. Commercial plumbing services are required during apartment block construction, shop fit outs and ongoing maintenance of commercial plumbing systems. Fortunately for our clients, I’m Your Plumber can complete both domestic plumbing tasks and implement commercial plumbing solutions for small to medium scale projects.

When Should You Call a Commercial Plumber?

Starting a Business

If you’re starting a business, such as a retail store in a shopping centre or a freestanding building, commercial plumbing services will be required. Starting your business is an exciting time, with so many tasks competing for your attention.  It’s easy to overlook the tasks that are less obvious, but possibly more important. Just because the plumbing hides underground or out of sight doesn’t mean it’s optional work. Trust us, you can’t finish your commercial project without an appropriate plumbing solution.  This is because commercial plumbing services are required to bring a business up to code.

Real Estate Agencies and Body Corporate

We also provide service to body corporate and real estate agencies looking after blocks of units by installing and maintaining plumbing and water systems for the block. I’m Your Plumber can assist throughout the whole process from the installation to the ongoing maintenance of the plumbing systems.

New Projects

If it’s a new project you’re looking at, we will make sure your sewage and water lines are properly installed to code. We’ll also make sure all bathrooms, kitchens – and anywhere else that requires plumbing – are installed and working properly. But of course new businesses are not the only ones who may need plumbing work.

Older Buildings

If you have an older established business/building, the time may come when you will be required to put in new lines or repair current fixtures.  This is especially so if you are remodeling or expanding your business in a space that does not suit the original plumbing solution or meet the updated code requirements.


And as we all know, there are some instances where things may go wrong and you need to call a commercial plumber for an emergency visit. I’m Your Plumber can help. If you think that your business’ plumbing is damaged or just not working to standard, call us at I’m Your Plumber. We’re committed to getting back to our customers promptly so we can get your business back on its feet.

Our Commitment To You

I’m Your Plumber was started with the goal of giving our clients peace of mind, exceptional service and quality work. We always stay up-to-date on the current plumbing codes and take pride in the work we do, regardless of the job’s size.

You can relax and have peace of mind knowing that everything we do is up to code and fully compliant with the law. There are numerous certificates and qualifications that plumbers need.  These include: completion of an apprenticeship, contractor licenses, supervisory certificates and tradesperson certificates.  You can rest assured that we have them covered. That’s our commitment to you when you hire I’m Your Plumber for your commercial plumbing needs or domestic plumbing jobs.

Ready to Hire Us for Commercial Plumbing Brisbane, Ipswich or SEQ?

We would love to assist you with your small to medium-scale plumbing project, or solve that domestic plumbing problem. No matter what plumbing needs you have, we am here to assist.

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