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emergency plumber ipswichYour house plumbing is something you probably don’t think about. You know that it is there, but if it is working, you take your running tap, flushing toilet, and dry floors for granted. It is quite a shook for most people when they have an unexpected plumbing emergency. It can happen anytime. In the morning, an hour before you leave for work, you walk into a bathroom that flooded overnight. Now there is a leaking pipe dripping on your fragile, hundred-year-old Queenslander. What do you do? That’s when you need to contact our emergency plumber Ipswich (& Brisbane) service.


We Pride Ourselves in Fixing Ipswich and Brisbane Plumbing Emergencies Promptly and Without Fuss

We do call outs to all parts of Brisbane, and if you are located in Ipswich or Brisbane’s Western Suburbs and have a plumbing emergency we really are your best bet. Our address in Mount Crosby in Brisbane’s West lets us get to you quickly, and even a couple of minute can make a real difference to the extent of water damage – or simply your inconvenience and distress.

Our licensed Emergency Plumber Ipswich Qld team has the skills needed to fix your Ipswich and Brisbane/Brisbane West plumbing emergencies before they become a bigger, more expensive problem. You need an experienced plumber who can quickly diagnose the problem and provide a fast, permanent solution. We pride ourselves on arriving promptly with the tools needed to complete the job.

What Is a Plumbing Emergency?

If you say it is an emergency, we believe you.

The majority of the time a plumbing emergency is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. We are called out for problems that, if untreated, will become expensive and harder to fix, or lead to a dangerous situation. A bit of water on the floor now can become a rotting ceiling in a very short time, if the root cause of the problem is not dealt with. In some instances where electricity is concerned, a plumbing emergency can become something even more hazardous.

The Danger to Our Wooden Homes

Ipswich plumbing emergencies are a real concern for the owners of older, wooden Queenslanders. If you own one of these historical houses, you know that it is hard enough fighting off the termites, dealing with peeling paint that is potentially lead-based, and ensuring any asbestos is undisturbed. Chances are, your renovated Queenslander is sitting on 100-year-old stilts, and you can’t afford to let water seep into that old wood. We hear time and time again the stories of owners that left a plumbing emergency until the weekend, and they are now out of pocket for thousands of dollars, trying to fix what was originally a preventable problem.

You might not live in an old Queenslander, but water in the wrong place can lead to a range of problems, ruined carpets, rotting plaster, and electrical complications are just the beginning. Carefully consider the long term implications of leaving your plumbing emergency untreated.

Embarrassing Plumbing Emergencies

Holidays are simply the worst for plumbing emergencies. We cram friends and family into our homes to spend time together. This puts real strain on the plumbing, and this is when it is likely to give in. This isn’t just frustrating. It can be embarrassing. A backed up toilet, hot water service failure, clogged bath and shower drains, burst washing machine hoses. These are the kind of problems that can put a real dampener (sorry!) on a family/friend gathering. We know that family can be hard to get along with at the best of times. Factor in a backed up toilet, and you might not be talking to them for a while.

We can fix these plumbing overload issues.

Plumbing Emergency First Aid

Before our emergency plumbing service can get to you and treat your plumbing emergency, there are some steps you can take to reduce the damage your emergency can cause.

  • Turn off the water

The main valve is found at the water meter, but for smaller problems their might be a closer valve that cuts of water to the problem. Toilets for instance have valves around the base of the unit. Under most sinks there is a valve to shut of water to a tap. Look around for a valve, and remember – Google is your best friend.

  • Turn off the hot water service

In a plumbing emergency it is a good idea to turn off your hot water system. Turning off the main valve increases the chance that hot water will build up in the system, and this could damage it, or it could burst. If you have a gas system, ensure you turn off the gas.

  • Buckets Tape and Towels

Try get small leaks under control while you wait for a plumber. A bucket under a drip in the cabinet can make a problem more manageable, towels are great for directing water, and a bit of plumbing tape, if you have it, can patch up drips. There is no substitute for a good plumber. These are only temporary fixes.

Emergency Plumber Ipswich & Brisbane Help-Line

We can talk you through a temporary fix over the phone while you wait for one of our experienced emergency plumbers.

Trust us. The answer to your plumbing emergency is only a call away. Our friendly staff are waiting to take your call, and then we can start working on how to fix your plumbing emergency and headache. Let us take this one off your hands. We are good at what we do. A plumber’s reputation is everything, and we got to where we are by putting in the hard work and helping people just like you time and time again.

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