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Gas Fitter Ipswich QldYour Gas Fitter Ipswich, Brisbane and Surrounds is Cameron Horchner – who knows that natural gas is a valuable resource that makes your daily life much easier. As convenient as gas appliances and fixtures in your home can be, they can also present a challenge if they are not properly installed and maintained. Rather than allow your gas fixtures to jeopardize your home’s safety and comfort, you can take care of any natural gas-related problems like leaks or poorly fitted pipes by hiring the professional Ipswich gas fitters at I’m Your Plumber.

What is a Gas Fitter?

To help you understand how we can help you, it is important that you to first understand what exactly a gas fitter is! A gas fitter, also known as a gas plumber, is a highly trained professional who can install, maintain, test, and repair gas and propane appliances in a home or business.

More than that, gas fitters can install, maintain, and repair ventilation and flue pipes, natural gas lines, and natural gas equipment and accessories. They can also adjust natural gas safety devices and controls, check for combustion conditions, and ensure that there is proper ventilation to avoid any leaks or contamination in a home or business.

Gas fitters undergo extensive training that teaches them how to carry out these duties safely and competently. They also are closely monitored to ensure that they adhere to the strict safety standards of the gas fitting industry.

Not every plumber is also a gas fitter.

When Should You Hire a Professional Gas Fitter?

So when exactly should you hire one of our professional gas fitters at I’m Your Plumber? It can be easy to take for granted the conveniences that natural gas provides for you and your family. However, when you want to take a hot shower and the water will not heat up or you go to turn on the gas cook top in your kitchen to make that life-saving cup of tea, you should not waste any time calling for one of our highly trained gas fitters today.

It is also critical that you contact us immediately if you suspect that there is a gas leak in your home. Some of the signs that you could have a gas leak in or around your home include:

  • A noticeable rotten egg odor
  • Standing water in the yard that bubbles
  • Discoloured or dead vegetation
  • Blowing dirt
  • Hissing noises

Any of these signs warrant immediate action that should start with calling us at I’m Your Plumber. Our gas fitters can come to your home and inspect and repair any gas lines or appliances that could be putting your home’s safety and comfort at risk.

How to Choose a Gas Fitter

Before you hire a gas fitter, it is important for you to know what qualifications to look for in this individual. You first should choose one who is fully certified and insured. This certification and insurance means that the gas fitter has undergone the proper training and testing deemed appropriate by the proper authorities.

You should also consider a gas fitter Ipswich based for local jobs, who comes with the recommendation of the gas company and has all of the necessary equipment to carry out the job at hand. Some of the equipment that a good gas fitter always carries with him include a compression fan key gas cock, a hose bayonet, and gas pipeline identification tape, among other items.

Likewise, you may find it prudent to hire a gas fitter who has a six month to a one-year warrant or contract. This warrant is an assurance that this professional can offer warranty service in case of any gas fitting problem. If you choose a gas fitter who does not have the proper licensing, insurance, and warranty, you could be liable for any damages that come from the installation, repair, or maintenance of gas lines, appliances, or fixtures in your home.

Gas Fitting Services

What kinds of services can we offer you at I’m Your Plumber? We are ready to offer you a wide array of natural gas plumbing services that will keep your home comfortable and safe any time of year. When you call us today, you can ask about services like:

  • Installation of gas appliances, regulators, gas lines, and other fixtures and accessories
  • Repairs of all natural gas fixtures and appliances in your home
  • Natural gas maintenance services
  • Installation of gas detection device

I’m Your Plumber is ready to serve you today. Rather than go another day without hot water or allow a leaky gas pipe to put your home and family in jeopardy, you can go back to enjoying all of the conveniences found with natural gas services by relying on our professional gas fitters.

Natural gas is a valuable resource to have in your home. You can make sure it serves you and your family well by allowing the gas fitters at I’m Your Plumber in Ipswich to install, test, repair, and maintain your gas appliances, pipes, and other fixtures.