Why Do I need a plumber?

I’m Your Plumber is the ‘go to’ service specialist for all your plumbing services in the Brisbane and Ipswich area.  We can handle all tasks, no matter how big or small, from gas fitting to hot water, from copper pipes to stormwater drains.  No matter what your problem is, I’m Your Plumber is highly qualified, highly experienced and ready to help.  If you’ve ever asked yourself “why do I need a plumber, when I can do most odd-jobs myself?” then you’ll find this article enlightening.

Our Experience

We have vast experience in the Brisbane Region, and we extend our services to Ipswich and surrounding suburbs.  The nature of the weather patterns around our location is well known and understood by us.  This means we are on standby during the stormy season in case trouble strikes.

Compliance Certifications

But some jobs need more than just knowledge and experience.  That is why I’m Your Plumber takes pride in our high standards of professionalism.  We are fully certified and qualified to work on any job on any worksite.  Complete compliance and conformance certification is provided when the job is complete.

The Legisation

Are you aware that under Queensland legislation, you are legally required to use a registered plumber for all gas plumbing repairs and installations?  This also goes for any plumbing work on hot water pipes and hot water systems.  This is for the protection of the consumer and the general public.  It is also to ensure that the integrity of the building and plumbing systems are safe from flaws, faults or errors.

All of this makes good common sense, of course.  If you are not sure about how to correctly install or repair an item around your home, it is appropriate to call an expert.  We’ll do the job correctly and reliably in the first place.  Although it may be tempting to try to save a few dollars in the short term, often there can be a long term price to pay for not getting it right the first time.  Don’t risk your family or your property, call I’m Your Plumber in case of emergency, and we will look after you.

A Broad Range of Services

I’m Your Plumber can provide advice for maintenance and repairs, we can assist in the design and installation of new building constructions. One of our specialties is to provide ongoing support for rental property managers.  Whatever or whenever you need plumbing services from a register professional plumber, then I’m Your plumber is able to assist anywhere in the Brisbane and the Ipswich areas.

Our training and expertise goes beyond the usual domestic solutions and we also provide commercial plumbing services for offices and apartments, single and multi-story properties, houses, units and even shopping centres.  When you need a qualified, certified plumbing specialist, then I’m Your Plumber is ready to help!

Here is a list of the specialist plumbing services that require a certified plumber:

  • Installation and repair of hot water systems
  • Hot water plumbing, piping and repairs
  • Gas pipe plumbing repairs, gas fitting
  • Connection of new gas lines
  • Waste water systems – both repair and installation
  • Septic tank repairs and installation.

Safety Comes First

I’m Your Plumber can handle any job, no matter how big or how small.  Because we are qualified to perform all types of gas fitting and hot water plumbing, we know that safety comes first. It’s advisable that you call us immediately to look at a problem, rather than waiting till it gets worse.  Damage can worsen, or the repairs get more expensive.  Call us immediately you think you have a problem, and we can make sure that the gas or hot water is safely shut off, and that we can have assistance to your place as soon as possible.  We understand that your safety is the number one priority, and we are training and experienced to look after your family and your property.

Call I’m Your Plumber for all your gas plumbing, water pipes, downpipes or waste water requirements.  We are certified and qualified to do the job right, the first time!