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Whether you have blocked drains or need a roof plumber, Cameron Horchner and his business I’m Your Plumber are available to take care of you. We are your Go-To Plumber Ipswich Qld, Brisbane and Brisbane West and surrounds.


emergency plumbing service brisbane and ipswichAn Emergency Plumbing Service

Unfortunately situations when we urgently need a plumber do happen – like burst pipes or sewer systems block up. Sometimes things happen at bad times of the day or night. For all of those times when you just cannot wait, I’m Your Plumber is ready to respond straight away.  We we will find a way to get your water back on and running again in no time.


Blocked Drains BrisbaneDrainage Problems

I’m Your Plumber is able to diagnose and handle any plumbing issue.  No matter how big or small, whether the drains need to be cleared, repaired or replaced. We can help with all problems from stormwater drains, sewage systems, or blocked drains due to roots, debris, grease and any other cause of blockage. We also install brand new drainage systems around your house to keep your foundations safe and keep you garden looking beautiful.

Blocked Toilet Brisbane IpswichToilet Problems

This can be one of the most uncomfortable problems for the family, when your toilet stops working due to a blockage or if a pipe springs a leak or if there is a problem with the cistern. No matter what the problem, if you need it fixed as soon as possible, just call I’m Your Plumber for a speedy repair. We can also do installation and maintenance of the whole toilet system.  This includes all the pipes and fittings to make sure everything is working properly.

Roof Plumber BrisbaneGuttering and Downpipes

I’m Your Plumber can also handle all of your outdoor guttering and downpipe problems. We can certainly help you with the installation or repair and maintenance of gutters and downpipes, and we can offer advice as the best solution for your property whether new or standing. Proper guttering and downpipes are vital for your house to ensure rain water is directed away from the foundations and to prevent the moisture from accumulating around your house which can lead to other problems in the future. Let us help you now before the problems get worse.

Plumber Ipswich QldWater Supply – Hot or Cold

Supply of fresh clean water into your house is one of the most important factors to a happy and healthy family, and I’m Your Plumber should be your first call when it comes to looking after your family. Don’t let broken or leaking pipes affect your health or water supply. Let us help you to make sure your hot and cold running water does not stop running. I’m Your Plumber can perform all of your maintenance and repairs on water supply into your house.  We can also diagnose any problems you might have and find a speedy solution to get your water running again as fast as possible.

Rheem BrisbaneHot Water System having a problem?

I’m Your Plumber can handle any problems involving repair, maintenance, replacement and upgrade of your hot water system. No matter what brand, or how old your hot water system is, we can help you out with our specialist advice and servicing. Just call I’m Your Plumber and we or can fix any issues associated your hot water system.

Septic ServicingAerated and Septic Servicing/Maintenance

If you have a septic tank system then we recommend that you keep in maintained regularly.  We can offer you advice on what you need to do. Our services include inspection and advice on your particular system.  Additional assistance includes suggesting when you might need to inspect it, empty it, maintain it or whatever is need to keep it out of sight and out of mind! We can check for any signs that the septic system is not working properly.  And if it is leaking, and we can also provide professional help for any repairs.

Maintenance Plumbing IpswichRenovating your home

When you are considering updating your home – don’t forget about the plumbing! The plumbing systems around your home just suffer the passing of time and often need a little TLC. A great time to upgrade your plumbing is when you are making other changes around the house. Call us at I’m Your Plumber and we can offer advice or quote to perform some valuable upgrades to your plumbing at the most convenient time. We understand how to work with your builder to give you the best solution to all your building and plumbing renovations.

Local PlumberPreventive Maintenance Works

Nothing lasts forever and when your plumbing system starts to show its age, I’m Your Plumber can offer advice about when is the best time to consider some timely preventative maintenance to prevent future problems. Prevention is always the best way to go and we can help to perform any preventive plumbing maintenance that will avoid small problems becoming big and expensive problems.

Gas Fitter Ipswich QldGasfitting

I’m Your Plumber is a licensed and experienced gasfitting specialist and we can assist you with the inspection, maintenance and repair of any gas pipelines or gas appliances, either inside or outside your home.

Maintenance Plumber IpswichProperty Managers

I’m Your Plumber services are not limited to homeowners, we also assist real estate property managers with plumbing maintenance and repairs. We are trusted professionals who can deliver the best outcomes for tenants and landlords, with a minimum of fuss. We know how to make your plumbing problems go away, and keep everyone happy with the outcomes.

I need a plumberLandlords and Tenants

Landlords and Tenants – call I’m Your Plumber for fast resolution of your plumbing problems, and you will be more than happy to recommend us to your property manager for next time you need help!

No job is Too Big or Too Small for
I'm Your Plumber Ipswich Qld

We can assure you the best possible solution from our wide range of services and we guarantee our high quality work delivered with top expertise and efficiency. You will get the best service and the attention you deserve. We can help you with a whole list of situations such as fix your taps, shower heads, stop leaks and dripping taps, and anything else you need – I’m Your Plumber is ready to help you and offer the best possible solutions.